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How to Calculate & Increase Return on Investment

Have you ever been a part of online sports betting? If yes, have you wondered if your return investment is enough to cover primary expenses? However, is there any limit to wining out of online betting? The first thing you should have a fair idea about is to calculate the return on your investment. It only depends on how much you expect to earn from bitcoin sports betting. If you think it is not adequate, it will be better to change your strategy.

If you do bitcoin sports betting online, thinks are more likely to get easier. A healthy number of sportsbooks are available on internet. However, the challenge for you is to limit your choice to only one or two to learn the best opportunities and how to calculate your initial investment. This will help you take a wise decision. Once you get a clear idea about your investment, you can have your logical estimation about return from betting on different sites.

Let’s Guide You with an Example

What we mean by betting investment? It is the sum of money that you put at stake for betting. It includes $120 that you invest to wallop $100 plus cost of services. The return is calculated in terms of net gain or loss on the initial investment. So, it means if you have placed a $120 bet to win $100 and are successful with a 100% win rate, the ROI will be calculated as $100/$120, which produces a 83.3% output.

If you win with 100% rate all the time, you will be bracketed as high-heeled gamblers. However, that hardly classifies you as a lucky gambler. An expected win rate – on average – will be between 55%-65%. However, there is good news for you as according to the latest betting news in most online sportsbooks, you are expected to risk only $110 to win $100.

Other Considerations

Another important consideration is purchase of picks and their effects on return investment. Cost of service must be included during calculation of profit percentage. On average, a sports bettor must be focused on increasing his/her winning percentage by 1.5-2% to break even when he purchases worth of picks in a season. That would be great if you make an optimum use of the service and win more games.

Other factors also playing a role here. These include number of bets, amount of money placed on a bet, cost of service etc. If you are confident that you could improve the winning percentage by around 3% on strength of good service, investment definitely makes a good decision. One thing that you must not forget is to win enough money to cover the expenses of service and also earn a healthy sum of profit.

If you are currently using a service but not in luck, you should think about a change in order to take better decisions. Or at least consider a change in your strategy if returns are not up to your expectation. According to the latest online bitcoin betting news and tips, you will push yourself towards more financial burden for continuing with a service that fails to increase your percentage of wining beyond 2.5%.