Advantages of Playing Online Bingo

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Bingo has a glorious past which can be traced back to 15th century. There were no online or deposit bingo by then. Who invented bingo? Well, nobody knows that. However, it is believed to have been played in Europe even in 1500 whereas rest of Europe and UK started playing the game in 17th century.

Obviously all these talks are about traditional bingo where a randomly-numbered card is given to every participant. The numbered balls had marking on them as they are addressed at random. However, that traditional style of bingo playing has evolved a lot with passage of time. With bingo already made its way to internet, intending players are turning to online casino Malaysia bingo that is now estimated to have a worth more than $1 billion.

Now question is how this new form of bingo differs from its traditional counterpart.

No Deposit or Bonus

It is the most important difference between two versions of bingo. You will not be required to deposit anything and at the same time, there is no free bingo bonus on offer. However, many brick and mortar bingo halls have also stopped offering free bonus as their budget does not permit. In traditional bingo halls, a mechanical machine is installed to randomize the marked ball. In case of online bingo, randomization is automatically done by a random number generator which is nothing but a computer software app.

Traditional & Modern Bingo – Advantages

Both kinds of bingo playing have some advantages though truth must be admitted that playing bingo casino online Malaysia is no less thrilling and it is not only because of bonus on offer. What players enjoy most about playing it online is they don’t have to go outside. Ease of access has given it an edge over traditional bingo.

In an evening when it is raining or snowing heavily outside and you like to enjoy bingo and a glass of wine at the same time, what can be more exciting than turning to internet? You don’t need to get dressed up, take a taxi to go where it is played. As a far better alternative, you can just switch on computer, set up internet connection and start playing online bingo. What is more, you don’t have to pay a dime out of your pocket to play it.

Current economic climate is such that people are more tilted towards ‘free’ offers, isn’t it?


Charm of playing traditional bingo cannot be denied though. You can get to meet so many participants. The mystic environment with lamp hovering on each table, hushed expression of joy and frustration adds to thrill of the game. It is a worthy night-out when you are looking for some exciting recreation. And if you win bonus, it will be quite like yummy pudding on the cake. However, loss also hits hard.

Online bingo is very easy to play even if you are a novice. Instructions are given in easy language. Just a few clicks on mouse are what take you to the world of fun and play.